ETS 1.5 Cybernetic Onslaught - Expansion

ETS 1.5 Cybernetic Onslaught - Expansion

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Something other than the genetic monstrosities and surviving crew has begun to stir aboard the Hikari, and if the rumours are true, the Robotic Sentry system has been reactivated. Originally designed as a defensive countermeasure to hunt down and detain any experiments that managed to escape, the sentries proved too prone to malfunction and were taken offline. But it now seems that something has brought them back online….


A new enemy may have emerged, but with them a new ally enters the fray! The Technician character class joins the fight for survival; a highly advanced artificial intelligence with abilities specially designed to combat the Robotic Sentries.


Box contains:


  • Olympian boss deck - 13 cards
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 2 Ability tokens
  • 6 Injury tokens
  • 9 Radar tokens
  • 10 Artemis miniatures
  • 10 Sip miniatures
  • 1 XL Olympian miniature
  • 2 Technician miniatures ( male & female variants)
  • 2 Technician Injury dice